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    Choice of Wise Couples

    Choice of Wise Couples

    Baron Law works towards providing a safe system for couples to discuss their divorce disputes and find solutions for a better today and for the future. Divorce mediation is a fair and reasonable alternate to litigation in most cases. It saves time, money and is much less stressful as compared to the traditional litigation process. With a modern empathetic, unbiased approach, we aim at making the process easier for all involved. The sessions are held at your convenience It is your mediation, your time, and your decisions.


    A Simple Separation Process without multiple Court Appearances Our Service in Suffolk County

    • Divorce Mediation
    • Divorce Representation
    • Divorce Financial Services

    What You Get at Baron Law and Mediation


    • Professional mediators and attorneys
    • Education on Suffolk County’s divorce mediation and laws
    • Flexibility in times of mrdiation
    • Virtual sessions
    • Confidentiality
    • Safe environment for discussion
    • Affordable mediation
    • Future “what if’ scenarios are discussed.
    • Complete legal documentation needed to present to the court
    • In the best interest of you and your family


    Client’s Testimonials


    • My aunt referred Baron Law to me while I was going through this painful phase of my life. I had no knowledge of the laws and processes. Allan and Amy made everything so easy. From divorce mediation to the divorce process in Suffolk County everything was so well handled by them. While signing the agreement I was a bit reluctant but after the divorce, I went out of their office with complete satisfaction.

    How do We Charge?

    • Flat fee for Documents
    • Hourly fee for divorce mediation sessions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Divorce Mediation In Suffolk County More Expensive than Litigation?

    No, divorce mediation in Suffolk County or anywhere around the world is normally more affordable than litigation.

    How long does the process of divorce mediation take?

    Divorce is a very complicated issue that can even last for years. However, through mediation, it takes only three to five sessions to conclude the procedure. Couples usually resolve their disputes easily in the presence of a neutral and professional mediator.


    What about confidentiality?

    Once your case is in the hands of Baron Law’s divorce mediators in Suffolk County, you may then stay calm and think only about finding the best solution. Every detail that you share in the session remains completely confidential pursuant to MA laws.

    Allan L. Baron is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), certified by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.CDFAs work with you to identify and explain what financial decisions need to be considered, and to help you clearly understand your options.Certified Divorce Financial Analysts work with you privately, or together with your professional team.

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