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    One of the hardest times in life can be the process of divorce. It can be extremely overwhelming for any individual and can cause a lot of anxiety, as there are so many elements that one needs to consider. Due to many of the concerns and fears being quite delicate, it is important that they are handled very sensitively. One of the best ways to do this is to meet with a divorce mediation attorney, as they are highly-trained in managing and addressing these very sensitive items, which can range from child support to alimony, to division of property and co-parenting schedules. A divorce mediator can help you to come to a resolution.

    Baron Law & Mediation, which is in North Andover, MA, is very close to Middleton, MA and can help you to create, handle and conserve choices that have a strong impact on life after divorce. We, at Baron Law & Mediation, are a husband and wife team that have practiced this field for a very long time. As a male and female team, we have the deep understanding of some of these problems you may have, and can better work with inconsistency in ideals of these individuals.

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    Like our location in North Andover, MA, Middleton is a town which is also in Essex County. There is a population of about 9000 individuals, with about 2300 households and 1700 families. This town is also bordered by North Reading, Boxford, Topsfield, Andover, Danvers, Peabody, & Lynnfield.

    As the neighbor to our office, Middleton provides us the unique opportunity to help the people of our community, while they are going through the process of divorce. All couples in Middleton, MA, and all surrounding areas, for that matter, are welcome to our services. We encourage you to contact us today if you are looking for a divorce mediator in the area.

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    Allan & Amy Beth Baron of Baron Law & Mediation have had over 30 years of experience as divorce mediation attorneys and can help to provide you with the most satisfactory results on the North Shore area of Massachusetts. Baron Law & Mediation and Allan Baron, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, also provides customized divorce financial planning services that other divorce attorneys might not be able to create for you. Our convenient location at 65 Flagship Drive Suite A, North Andover will save couples the time and the money of traveling extremely far distances to have these mediation sessions. Contact us today at 978-674-8530 to learn more!

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