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Focusing on medical records reviews and assisting individuals and families in choosing the right assisted living facilities. 

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    What is Medical Record Review and how is it done?

    Every medical record is full of information of all sorts.  Having a professional organize, review and summarize medical records can be an essential asset whether you are an insurance professional or an attorney.

    Every medical record is full of information of all sorts.  Having a professional organize, review and summarize medical records can be an essential asset whether you are an insurance professional or an attorney.

    I am able to apply my skills as a Nurse, Case Manager and Certifed Nurse Life Care Planner and sort through in an organized fashion the medical records in their entirety and compose a detailed, clear and understandable report.

    Depending on your need (cost reserve setting, establishing case merit, medical causation, identifying upcoding or fraud or simply to produce a chronological record review that lays out the injury or illness along with the medical treatment, surgical and non-surgial interventions, health care professional recommendations and anticipated length of care and costs involved, I can help.

    Services provided (as necessary):

    1. Provide medical record chronologies and associated time lines.
    2. Review medical records providing written explanations and summaries.
    3. Identifying possible deviations from standards of care.
    4. Defining medical diagnoses, procedures, surgical procedures, medication prescribed and their uses.
    5. Researching medical facts and new or experimental treatments proposed.

    Why and How these Services are beneficial:  

    • Reduces insurance professionals, attorneys and support staff’s time so they can spend more time managing and focusing on other important aspects of cases.
    • Provides the knowledge and medical experience necessary.
    • Capable of educating the client about a wide range of applicable medical issues.
    • Quicker and less expensive than working with medical experts.
    • Added service working with me. In addition to being a Registered Nurse, Case Manager and Nurse Life Care Planner, I am also an Attorney and familiar with the legal system, language and process.
    • Clearly structured fees for medical review, case management, and life care plan services.


    Also providing individuals and families with assistance in their search for the right Assisted Living Facility:  

    Searching or even how to begin searching for the right assisted living facility for yourself or your loved one can be extremely daunting.  I can help make this overwhelming experience simple so you can clearly and confidently make the best choice.  Some services I provide in this regard include:

    1. Meeting with the individual or family members considering assisted living facilities to do an overall health assessment.
    2. Helping determine what the physical, medical, spiritual and environmental needs must be met to match the Individual with the right place for who they are and their lifestyle.
    3. Contacting Assisted Living Facilities and liaising with their professionals (caregivers and financial) and the individual and/or family members
    4. Attending guided tours with the individual and/or family members and asking directly about the facility services (what is included and what is not), trained qualified providers, individual resident care plans, living situations, food – meal plans and/or feeding assistance, hygiene, bathing and personal health care needs, activities, social entertainment etc…
    5. Ensuring a smooth transition into their new home.

    Amy Beth Baron’s Qualifications:  

    • A Registered Nurse, Bachelor’s Degree in Science (RN, BSN)
    • A Certified Case Manager (CCM)
    • A Certified Nurse Life Care Planner (CNLCP)
    • An Attorney Juris Doctorate (JD)

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