DIY & Divorce Mediation Means Divorce Done Right 

DIY MediationQ: What do you call a “do it yourself” divorce with help from a skilled legal and mediation professional?

A: Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a process that combines the know-how of a divorce mediator and the do-it-yourself efforts of the client (spouses) to produce a fair and complete divorce agreement & action plan with all the court-required documents to file for an uncontested divorce in the probate court for court approval for your divorce.

Many divorce mediators appreciate those couples who help themselves. However, unless you are familiar with the legal process of divorce and the paperwork that the court requires, it makes sense to seek help from a professional that is licensed to prepare legal documents.

Consider the services of a divorce mediator who is also an attorney.  A divorce mediator who is also an attorney has the license necessary and the knowledge required to prepare all the mandatory court documentation.   

The Mediation Process

Divorce mediation is a civilized process designedAmy Baron to reduce stress, focus  on the required topic areas, build new trust with your soon to be former spouse and a foundation going forward with a divorce agreement that works now and well into the future.

The Mediation process inserts a third person (neutral) – the Mediator to lead a discussion, generate options, explain pros and cons and assist the divorcing couple enabling smart decision making based on the parties’ common goals and the laws of the jurisdiction.

A large number of people now find and use an attorney mediator who serves to take care of couples by providing a process which allows the parties to take part, contribute and collaborate with the mediators, to help them identify the issues they will need to address, generate thoughtful and relevant options enabling smart family and financial decisions to be made. 

The mediator’s goal should be to help the parties end up with an agreement that is complete, reflects the intentions of the parties and will likely be approved by the judge.

Because divorce mediation is an expandable service, it can be used for simply document preparation for those who already have a basic agreement to a full service mediation to help a couple come to an agreement on the 50 or so decisions necessary for a complete divorce agreement.

As all consumers prefer flat fees over hourly rates, ask the mediator if they offer a flat fee for all or part of their services. 

Finally, show the mediator that you are willing to put in the work by first viewing their websites and learning the general process of divorce before contacting them.

Divorce MediationCall Baron Law & Mediation 

At our firm, we offer premier mediation services for people living in North Andover & Andover, MA, as well as all surrounding areas. If you are in need of our mediation services at Baron Law & Mediation, contact us today, or give us a call at 978.674.8530.


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