DIVORCE: Your 3 Options Divorce North Andover, MA: Choose Wisely



b5adb83e5ad9d4e654661deaa7eb3e53So you are thinking about divorce.

Before you let inertia take you down the wrong road for you, take the time to explore 3 options to move your family  through the divorce north andover process. Your family, sanity and finances are at state so choose wisely!

 Divorce options Massachusetts


For a traditional North Andover divorce, each party will hire and pay for separate attorneys. Court papers will generally be filed, temporary orders will be entered, mandatory  discovery will take place, pretrial and eventually a trial. (See comparison chart below) This method is the most expensive, longest and potentially most damaging to the family. It is sometimes the only alternative but check out the others first unless there is a legal, physical or financial emergency.

 divorce litigation


In this process, a trained mediator/attorney will guide the two of you through the 100+ decisions needed to be made for divorce. The tracks usually include all matters relating to the children, division of assets and liabilities and cash flow (budgeting, child support and alimony as appropriate). The process takes place in an office and is conversational. It’s OK to have different views. Let the mediator do their magic! 

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This is somewhat a hybride of the other two. Both parties hire attorneys but they agree to work collaboratively, that is work toward agreed goals of the parties. This method also allows for add on professionals: financial neutral, a child advocate and divorce coach for those parties who need the emotional support. The cost is usually about half way between mediation and litigation. Group meeting are held where the pdivorce-mediation-collaborativearties make progress to the agreement.





Choosing the method to move through divorce is a serious decision. Take your time to explore all options available to your family.

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