Divorce Representation:  We can and will help you through all stages in your divorce matter!

Initial_Divorce_Mediation_MeetingAre you ready to learn about Divorce Representation?

Let's get started.  Call us now to schedule your first meeting.  We will help you to learn what Divorce Representation involves and how having an Attorney represent you in your divorce will help you.

Divorce can be one of the most stressful life events you will experience.  Begin the process by taking a smart 1st move and that is to schedule a meeting with us.

After this first meeting, you'll understand: 

  • What divorce representation involves, the costs, and the divorce process itself.
  • How divorce representation compares to other ways to divorce.
  • Why divorce representation may be the right way for you to move forward.
  • Which of the major divorce topics your specific situation presents.
  • Our insight into how to help you move forward through this divorce process.
  • The next steps to "get ready"

About Baron Law & Mediation

Baron Law & Mediation is a husband and wife attorney/mediator team committed to helping individuals, couples and families move through the negative life event of divorce in a civil and healthy manner. 

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