Divorce Representation: 5 ways to avoid falling down the rabbit hole








DIVORCE OPTIONS: Are you at the edge of the rabbit hole?  5 ways not to fall in. 


If you  are individually  thinking of a Massachusetts divorce by way of representation, don’t start without  considering the following:

Your family, sanity and finances will thank you.


1. Have I considered my options before moving forward with litigation.

In the 21st century there are now options to “traditional litigation” for divorce that we have seen our parents and/or relatives manuver. It can be difficult to stop the moving litigation train once started.

Litigation – Traditional method with 2 attorneys, experts, judge

Mediation – A trained neutral meets with parties to help them cover necessary topics, produce options and felp them find ways to make smart decisions

Collaborative – A team of attorney and experts meet in a series of meeting to cover divorce topics outside a court room.

2. Have I consideredIs it possible in your situation to cooperate with a third party about a short term agreement to maintain the status quo before hiring attorneys or filing in court?

If so, this will allow you, your spouse and your children to move thoughtfully forward and maintain the minimal amount of trust necessary to get through this event. If not, one or both parties will go to a litigation attorney and the ride will start.

3. Determine the total estimated family cost of your divorce, the time expenditure likely required and possible damage to your relationship with your children for each of the 3 options available to you?

Decisions you need to make will impact you and your entire family financially and emotionally.  Make decisions wisely taken all into consideration, how they will impact all whether it be time, money, head space, etc…

4. Consider the people you want to be involved with during this process, their personalities, ways of operating and goals for you.

Do you wish to get involved with attorneys, judges, court clerks, battling experts? Are you aware of the number of court dates, formal exchange of documents, hiring of experts that may be necessary if you litigate? Are you looking for a fair resolution or a win-lose end to it?

5. Consider your life 1 year, 3 years, 8 years down the line.

Are you seeing a better situation for all of you as a result of the method used to finalize your divorce or do you see continued battling, bitterness, and blame?


Considering and comparing the options by which to move through divorce is a smart way to operate no matter which option you choose.  But a fair warning, If you aren’t proactive in working with your spouse, you may wonder why you are looking up to the ground.

Click on the following link to see a comparison of the different options you have as to how you will get divorced:  /compare-divorce-solutions-chart

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