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A traditional divorce litigated case in the Massachusetts Probate Court is likely to take at least a year just to get to trial not considering the additional time waiting for a decision and after judgment filings.

Unless your divorce is the “one in a hundred” that has complex legal issues that need to be heard by the appellate court, or has many of millions of complex assets involved that have questions of valuation, why wait that long?

Is there another way?

Cue: Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a porcess where divorcing couples who are able to act in a civilized way are able to discuss, generate options, get educated and resolve the topics of divorce. The common goal for the couple is to work with an attorney/mediator who will guide them through the divorce agreement process and is licensed to prepare all the legal documents necessary to present to the court and have the agreement appproved by the Probate judge.

Many couples are surprised how quickly and easy the process is when they use an experienced and recommended mediator. Yes, there is even laughter in the room.

Stay out of the understaffed and overworked probate court system if you can.

Seek Advice From an Experienced Divorce Mediation Attorney at Baron Law & Mediation, LLP of North Andover Today

If you are looking for a quicky and easy way to get through the complex process of divorce, consider hiring a divorce mediator. When consulting Baron Law & Mediation, you will be getting advice from not only one attorney, but two. Allan and Amy Beth Baron is a male-female team that will help couples resolve the legal issue of divorce both amicably and peacefully. We are delighted to serve North Reading, Wilmington, Andover, Lawrence, Haverhill, Methuen, and other communities in the Merrimack Valley and the North Shore.  




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