divorce mediation or representation: Modification of Child Support In Massachusetts

Modification of Child Support In Massachusetts





Information: I just got served, been divorced since 1999. My ex is looking for more college expenses and a modification of child support in Massachusetts. Divorce decree states that support and college expenses are not to exceed 35 percent of my pay. Is this what judge will follow?

Attorney Answer:

Since any matters in the divorce order or agreement relating to the children may be modified by the court, the matter is appropriate to be in the probate court. In order to modify an agreement, one of the parties needs to show a material change in circumstances. This may be financial or otherwise. That is usually a low hurdle to get over. If a material change in circumstances is shown, then the court will look at the financial statements of both parties currently and take a second look at the agreement based on today’s situation of both husband and wife and child. You should seek legal help as this may be a very costly matter to you.


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