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    There are many complicated problems that arise during a divorce such as alimony, child custody, grandparent rights, college tuition, and more. Going through litigation can resolve the problem but the decision is based on the judge not a settlement agreed by both parties. So, an alternative to litigation is mediation. There are 28,851 people and 9,964 households in the Tewksbury community and with divorce rate been 50% in the United States, we can help mediate a divorce in Tewksbury.

    Why Mediation Instead of Litigation

    A divorce can be a very complex issue and very time-consuming process in the United States. By hiring a mediator, you enjoy the benefits of making your own decisions with your spouse instead of following the decision of a judge. It will save you so much money and time versus a court trial and hearings. The improved communication during the mediation will help you and your spouse divorce amicably and this will be very beneficial when you have children involved.

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