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    Divorce mediation attorneys Allan and Amy Beth Baron is delighted to consults clients from the city of Methuen, MA.

    Methuen is a city in the Essex County with a population of more than 45,000. The city is home to 16,532 households which is often a bedroom community to nearby cities in the Merrimack Valley such as Lawrence, Haverhill, Lowell, and Greater Manchester and Boston. Methuen also has a strong school system in addition to a variety of points of interest for residents to visit. All of these factors, in addition to an overall clean and comfortable environment, contribute to Methuen being one of the more desirable places to live on the North Shore.

    If you and your partner are considering to file for divorce in Methuen, schedule a FREE consultation with Baron Law & Mediation today. Allan and Amy Beth Baron have years of experience working as a team helping couples from Methuen getting a divorce amicably.

    Why Mediation Instead of Litigation

    By hiring mediators instead of going to court, you and your partner can be navigated through a sticky divorce agreement and both sides walked away feeling good about it. As mediators, Allan and Amy Beth Baron will help clients generate options and explore all solutions before helping them determine a solution. Another reason to go through the divorce mediation process is it saves time and money. With us, most couples would be able to agree to a solution with 3-5 two hour sessions and they can freely express their concerns and voice compared to litigation.

    Baron Law & Mediation is delighted to provide flexible appointments and meeting location. Our office is in 65 Flagship Drive Suite A, North Andover, MA 01845 with plenty of parking available. We are also capable of meeting our clients in their area.

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