Divorce Mediation Services at Baron Law and Mediation is Different

We do not force our decisions on our clients. The mediation that we believe in:

  • Aids them with the correct information regarding the law
    and the consequences of their actions.
  • Provides them a civilized environment to discuss their
    concerns and resolve conflicts
  • Guides them with every step of the divorce. We do not
    decide for them.

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    Online Divorce Mediation In Massachusetts

    We shifted our mediation services online via Zoom Meetings due to Covid’19 for the safety and convenience of our clients .
    Online mediation is much better than physical one in many ways, such as:

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    Saves Time

    Mediation itself is less time-consuming when compared to
    litigation. But with online divorce mediation, you can save
    traveling and waiting times too.

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    Provides Comfort

    Divorce is not easy on any of the partners and physical meetings
    make it more uncomfortable for them. Virtual mediation gets the
    work done without spouses having to face one another.

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    Keeps You Safe

    Online divorce mediation keeps you quarantined yet getting
    all your work done. What is better than staying safe and
    accomplishing your goals?

    The Process of Divorce Mediation

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    Initial Contact

    Couples seeking peaceful divorce
    reach out to us via phone or by
    filling up the form.

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    Agreement to Mediate

    Oncelcouple decides to process their divorce through mediation, we all sign th”agreement to mediate” at our first meeting to provide clarity as to scope of work and costs.

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    We schedule a meeting to discuss all issues relate to divorce.

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    Information Gathering

    After first meeting we send you all the details about what information to gather. These forms mainly require financial information.

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    After you have gathered complete information, we arrange combined sessions for the couple where they put forth their concerns and we guide them through the decision making. With us, most couples complete the mediation process within three 2-hour sessions, depending on the complexity and magnitude of their issues.

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    Documenting Decisions

    Once both the spouses finalize their decisions, we prepare all the legal documents for them that they will need to file with the court. After the judge reviews and approves the agreement, the divorce is final after a 120 day waiting period.

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    What We Offer

    • Experienced mediators and attorneys
    • Education on Massachusetts’s divorce laws
    • Flexible Timings
    • Comfortable, safe, and open environment for discussion
    • Affordable mediation
    • Confidentiality
    • Easy on you and your family
    • Future “what if” scenarios are discussed.
    • Complete documentation

    How We Charge?

    • Flat fee for Documents
    • Hourly fee for divorce mediation sessions.

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