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Divorce Mediation - What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is an open and voluntary process where a trained mediator guides a couple through structured proceedings in order to arrive at an amicable agreement. The Mediator is a neutral professional, and is not representing either party. The goal of divorce mediation is for the couple to reach a self-determined agreement that works for all now and well into the future. 

The Divorce Mediation Process

  • Massachusetts couples meet with us to discuss all issues of divorce.

  • As mediators, we help clients generate options and explore solutions that fit their particular situation.

  • With us, most couples complete the mediation process within three to five 2-hour sessions, depending on the complexity and quantity of their issues.

  • As attorneys, we are qualified and equipt to provide our clients with the required legal documentation and instruction on how to proceed through the court process.

  • Quicker and less expensive than litigation. (See comparison table)

  • Comfortable, safe and open environment for couples to voice their concerns.

  • Added service working with us. We are attorneys and mediators, but we also have background in divorce financial analysis services and health care. (See bios)

  • Flexible hours and convenient location.

  • Clearly structured fees for mediation and document preparation.

  • Both mediation and court document preparation. Mediation sessions are billed at an hourly rate. Document preparation is billed at a flat fee.

baron-divorce-mediation-ebookDivorce Mediation Services

  • Face-to-face mediation sessions with Massachusetts couples seaking a divorce, working toward a Divorce Agreement that both parties mutually consent to.

  • Post-mediation session notes and next meeting agenda emailed to each party.

  • A “Needs Budget” is prepared for each party to gain perspective on their financial reality (present & one year post-divorce).

  • Future “what if” scenarios are prepared and discussed.

  • Education on Massachusetts Divorce Law.

  • Preparation of necessary legal court documents.

  • Final meeting with parties to review the legal court documents and provide instruction on court processes. 

"Working with Amy & Allan was wonderful, in what can be a very hard process. They were both
informative, up front, and honest. We were so prepared for filing, that we were able to get in front of a judge the DAY we filed at the courthouse - and that is ONLY because of the guidance Amy & Alan gave us. I felt 100% in capable, competent hands." 

Kim: Divorce Mediation Client 

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