Client Reviews


Our goal at Baron Law & Mediation is to provide the best advice and most amicable resolution through exceptional and personal service. Our reputation is based on dedication, honesty and professionalism. Here's what our client have to say about their experience working with us. 


Allan and Amy did a fantastic job! First divorce so had no idea what to expect. But they made us feel very comfortable, were very thorough and made the whole naturally unpleasant experience actually enjoyable as much as possible. Highly recommended

-- Jackson B., Divorce Mediation Client, December 2020


I was very pleased with Allan's focus and communication as he assisted us through the mediation process, keeping our goal in mind, that is, keeping it simple, short while still covering all the required bases. If there was ever any confusion or concern by either party, Allan was very fair & clear on ways we can settle and agree. If you and your spouse get along, but feel a divorce is wanted, I would highly recommend using Allan for mediation, a cost and effective way to resolution.

--Joseph F., Divorce Mediation Client, February 2020 


Allan was a real pleasure to work with. He was very considerate and accommodating of our special circumstances. He explained the legal process and complex financial matters in an easy-to-understand way that helped make the decision-making process as easy as possible. I would highly recommend hiring Allan. 

                          -- Karen M. Divorce Mediation Client, February 2020


Allan was a very easy person to talk to and always returned my calls promptly. His answers were always honest and presented all options and made sure we were doing what I wanted. He provided very solid suggestions and explained each one very clearly. His pricing was more than fair for the services rendered and don't think I could have found anyone better.

  --K. Prisco, Divorce Representation Client, January 2020


Allan did a fantastic job communicating openly throughout the process in a calm manner. He was fair and honest. This helped the mediation move forward when challenges occurred and presented alternatives to both parties. He was able to provide us with knowledge as to what to expect once the agreements were finalized and navigate us through the process from soup to nuts. I highly recommend his services.

                     --Stephen M., Divorce Mediation Client, December, 2019


Allan made the most of our meetings, and made sure we stayed on task which is critical to move the mediation along and make certain deadlines. He was very fair and gave us options and sound insight on the issues we brought up. I was happy with my choice and best of all, his willingness to meet on the weekends which is helpful for two working professionals.

                      --Angela S., Divorce Mediation Client, December 2019 


At our initial meeting with Allan Baron we felt at ease proceeding with our divorce. Allan thoroughly explained the mediation process and what to expect in the coming months. His calm, thoughtful demeanor contributed to stress free sessions.. He responded quickly to our calls and guided us through this emotional time. We are fortunate to have found a professional and experienced mediator in Allan.

                      -- Maria C., Divorce Mediation Client, December 2019


Allan and Amy made a difficult process easier than I thought possible. Kevin and I liked how knowledgeable and professional they both were but also personable. Their sense of humor made the meetings more comfortable. Never did I feel like they were taking a side and I always felt like they were making sure we understood our options. We are dog people so on the final meeting when we were actually signing the divorce agreement, they had brought their dog Mason and he definitely helped us in a tough day.
The day in court is nerve wracking because you don’t know what is going to happen, how long you’re going to be there and plus this is ending your marriage. Well Allan provides you with a little itinerary for your day. I looked back at it a few times throughout that morning to make sure we weren’t missing anything.
The absolute selling point of Amy and Allan is the cranky clerk who was the third person to look over our divorce agreement that morning said “I’m just looking for mistakes to fix before the judge sees it. There’s always mistakes....” Then a few minutes later she said well I didn’t find any but I know he will! Well guess what, there were no mistakes!! Amy and Allan sent us fully prepared while I saw the clerk telling others they needed to write in some things here, sign there etc.
I realize my review is long but I can’t thank them enough for making the divorce easier. Go for the free consult and you will hire them, I promise!

                           -- Amy G. Divorce Mediation Client, November 2019 


Allan Baron was instrumental in guiding and supporting both my husband and me during the very emotional and confusing process of divorce. Allan clearly communicated and helped us consider all options and make difficult decisions that felt right for both of us. He followed up quickly to all phone calls and emails to answer any questions and address concerns. He had all the steps for the legal process written out in advance so there were no surprises. Everything was prepared accurately so the court proceeding went smoothly and nothing was found missing or questionable by the judge. After the divorce, I continued to use Allan to help me understand and draw up the new legal documents I needed. I very highly recommend Baron Law and Mediation services.

                       -- Ellen D., Divorce Mediation client November 2019


My (now) ex wife and I worked with Allan and Amy to sort our our divorce.  Initially we were both skeptical that this process would be so amicable.  Allan and Amy approached the dissolution of our 18 year marriage with dignity and quiet support.  There were many times when I wondered how we would come to a mutual agreement but somehow Allan and Amy working in tandem were able to keep us on track.  They were helpful, flexible and consultative at each step of the way.  I greatly appreciate their work and highly recommend them.

                          -- Mike, H.  divorce mediation client, July 2019


After a long relationship that lasted over 38 years, Joanne and I decided our marriage had run its course and it was time to formally end the marriage. After several failed attempts at the lawyer route we decided mediation would be the most efficient way to handle the divorce process. Working with the Baron Law & Mediation turned out to be the best decision we could make. They walked us through all the required paperwork and then finalized the documents needed to proceed. More importantly, they helped us reach an amenable agreement insuring all the needs of both parties and the college age children were addressed in the agreement. We would highly recommend their professional services to anyone who is facing a similar situation.
                                                --Joanne & Dick, clients, January 2019


Divorce is hard. It just is, even when both parties come to understand that it's the only way forward, and the best path to being "good parents" and sustaining the idea that you might still have a shot at being friends. Such is our situation. After 22 years of being together, and 20 of these years as a married couple, Kelly and I had come to the difficult decision to divorce. We'd tried every avenue we could think of - but in the end, divorce was the only option. With 3 kids, 11-18, it was going to be tough. Enter Allan and Amy! This dynamic duo of a legal team really made what could have been a very hard and bitter process, "easy" and "light." I say that knowing others who have gone down this road and to this day cannot be in the same room or speak to one another, The Barons met with us, assured us we were in good shape and great candidates for mediation! We couldn't be more pleased with the results. Solid legal advice with a sprinkle of good humor (which is much appreciated by both of us!) I am not sure many couples going through a divorce could say they laughed as much as we did during our mediation meetings. Accommodating to our busy schedules, Allan and Amy met with us, outlined the process, helped us motivate to move forward, provided us with probably more information than we needed, assured us all would be well, and I really do believe, they took care of us, personally and professionally. I felt like they really cared, and that was important to us. We highly recommend Allan and Amy Baron Law & Mediation! Yes, divorce is hard, but the Barons made it that much easier to get through!

--Kevin D. Divorce Mediation Client, July 2018


Baron Law & Mediation was recommended to me through a friend. I was very nervous and unsure of the whole process. Amy and Allen were very professional and guided us through the process step by step. I ended up having an issue with a 401k transfer and they let me come back so they could help me. 
I would highly recommend Baron Law if you are going through a divorce. There is a lot to go through and think about. Having their guidance and expertise helped the mediation go very smoothly.

--Victoria L. Divorce Mediation Client, July 2018


Amy and Allan were great to work with. They were thorough in going through not only the mediation process - but also in preparing us for the court appointment. The environment was never contentious and was always focused on the end result while making sure that we were both satisfied with the endpoint. This is never easy - and one cannot really say that divorce is easy - but you need people to help reduce the stress and anxiety and these folks were great at doing that.

                                        -- Chris C., Divorce Mediation Client, June 2018


I went to Baron Law seeking looking for divorce mediation services and came across their name in the local directory.. This legal team offers the every day common legal services one expects from a Mediation law firm, but what makes them stand out is their sharp mind, tag team approach, humor, and the reassurance that what you are going through is not unique but different and they were there for you. They wasted no time completing the necessary legal services I've asked of them, thereby, saving money. I have hired them again, and, have referred them to my friends who were looking for similar services..

-- Renee S.,  Divorce and Estate Planning client, May 2018 


I really can not say enough good about Amy and Alan, and how they work together to help my ex and I go through our mediation and contract building process. Their advice was sound, and in the few times he (ex) and I struggled a little to figure out some issues which were "fair" it was so nice to hear such unbiased opinions from both parties. I have already recommended Amy and Alan to 2 sets of friends going through divorce, but not sure how they want to approach it. 
I'm very glad we choose Amy and Alan in the end to help us navigate a tricky, emotional, and an very important changing time in our lives. Thank you Amy and Alan, we appreciated it greatly.

All the best to you two.

-- Mindy, Divorce Mediation Client, March 2018  


Allan and Amy exceeded all my expectations. They were very responsive to my inquiries for assistance, clearly identified information required to support the legal documents to be drafted and were very flexible in scheduling time to review and sign the documents. Overall a very pleasant experience during a very difficult time.

-- Dave, Estate Planning Client, January 2018


My ex and I would both highly recommend Amy and Allan as mediators in their divorce. It was so nice to have their expertise, their unbiased ears, and helpful tools on step by step what my ex are to expect going forward with the courts. Neither of us had one bad thing to say or feel about them, they were flexible, reliable, and so helpful at what they do best. Thank you both

-- Mindy and Steve, Divorce Mediation Clients, December 2017


"Amy and Allen are so great! We had a very good experience at Baron Law & Mediation. They have a very organized approach and also make you feel as comfortable as possible in what could be an uncomfortable setting. They don’t waste time or your money. I would recommend Amy and Allen to anyone that finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of divorce. Use Baron Law & Mediation you wont be disappointed."

-- Tim C., Divorce Mediation Client, November 2017


"It was a pleasure working with Allan and Amy through our mediation process.  Their guidance and knowledge allowed us to make the best decisions for our family and its future while giving us the opportunity to work together to achieve our goals.  We would highly recommend Baron Law and Mediation."

-- Dana and Justin, Divorce Mediation Clients, October 2017 


"We had a good experience working with Baron Law & Mediation.  Amy and Allan are organized and have a well-structured methodology for walking through all of the steps and discussion topics required for ending a marriage.  They made the process as painless as possible for us and really helped facilitate productive discussion on all fronts."

--Matt, Divorce Mediation Client, September, 2017


"I was very pleased with Baron law & Mediation, they were very patient understanding and helpful, worked very well together!   I highly recommend them!!"

--Denise, Divorce Mediation Client, August, 2017


 We worked with Amy and Allan through the mediation process and they both made the process very easy for us. They guided us through the process, the paperwork, and financial documents and provided timely insight throughout and prepared all the final documents for us. I thought it was very helpful that they were both present for the entire process.

--Ed, Divorce Mediation Client, June 2017  


Professional, expedient, and relatable

I worked with Amy and Allan during my divorce mediation. They responded to all inquiries and concerns promptly. They were both present during all of our meetings, outlined the process clearly, and were efficient in drafting all necessary paperwork. They even walked us through what we could expect in court and it made what could have been a very uneasy experience very manageable. I feel like I have a trusted contact for future legal matters. They are a great team and I would recommend them to anyone!

- - Megan, Divorce Mediation Client, May 2017   

"I really can't thank you enough for your help in what is a painful situation, so much better. We both felt that we could get through this and remain the friends we have been for 25 years. I'm not sure this would have been possible had we chosen separate lawyers. We felt that things remained honest and open, and that you both had our best interests at heart."

- - Lisa & Ed, Divorce Mediation Clients, April 2017 


"Getting a divorce is not something a lot of people know how to navigate. There are not a ton of resources or how to guides. I searched online to find an attorney and came across Allan and Amy Baron. Met with Allan and the topic of mediation came up. My ex-wife and I talked about that option and thought this was the best way to go for our process. For both of us, we liked the bi-partisan feel with two women (Amy and my ex-wife) and two men (Allan and myself). It felt comfortable. There was even some comic relief at times which was unexpected. I was pleased and greatly appreciated that Amy and Allan helped us through this process. This is the second time in my life I have written a positive review about anything. I am usually the one-star reviewer. So If there was something to watch out for I would let you know. You're in great hands here."

--Ben, Divorce Mediation Client, January 2017 


"Top Notch Services...

Amy and Allen were very friendly and professional! They helped me through a very difficult time in my life! As tough as it was, they both made me feel comfortable though out the entire process. 
 I highly recommend their services!! "

--Steve, Divorce Mediation Client, November 2016


"As hard and emotional as divorce can be, Alan and Amy made it seem easy. Their professionalism and care show in their work. If mediation is for you look no further, I would highly recommend them to all that need help."

--Scott, Divorce Mediation Client, November 2016


  "Amy and Allan Baron were fantastic! My divorce mediation was seamless, complete, and comprehensive. They were considerate, gave voice to both parties effectively, and made this process flow with ease. Amy and Allan were diligent in the completion of the mandatory court documents and were flexible to accommodate schedules of both parties. They each have a genuine interest and a kind disposition - which lends itself wonderfully in the work they do! I can't say enough about my positive experience with this firm. I will utilize them again in the future if additional legal needs arise."

--Rachel, Divorce Mediation Client, October 2016


"On your wedding day one doesn't have the intention that a divorce will be in your future. Well the future is here and here I am. If you are in that situation and in need of divorce mediation, Allan Baron and Amy Beth Baron are there to guide you through this difficult process. They help you come to an agreement which is fair to both parties in a comfortable and unbiased setting. They were always accessible to answer all my questions and there were many! I would highly recommend the Baron's to anyone in need of divorce mediation." 

--Cheryl, Divorce Mediation Client


"I heartily recommend the divorce mediation services of Amy & Allen Baron for their competence and effectiveness. They successfully co-created a sense of warmth, support, guidance, & collaboration, all the while deftly offering astute knowledge and empowerment in our decision-making. Mixing humor & a sense of playfulness helped nurture connection with all concerned and a belief in the process. Importantly, they also role-modeled a respectful & cohesive couples relationship in their own right, which contributed to their credibility. Job totally well done, Amy & Allen, and thanks so very much! I will definitely be telling others of your great work!"
-- Marcus, Divorce Mediation Client, September 2016


"I have had the pleasure to work with Baron Law & Mediation on two separate occasions.    They helped me through a very difficult time in my life, a time where I didn't know what to do or whom to turn to.  I was warmly welcomed and felt comfortable from our first meeting. They were professional and responsive to my needs, but most importantly, my interests were their first priority.  They handled everything efficiently and always kept me informed, which helped ease my anxiety.  I am grateful for their support and kindness."
-- Andrea, Divorce Client, September 2016


"Outstanding Divorce Mediation...

Thank you Amy for allowing us to move through the divorce process smoothly and efficiently. Your mediation was outstanding and I could not have imagined a better experience. We just had our court hearing and it took about one minute for the judge to approve our divorce agreement. You made this painful process so much less difficult.  Your team approach, both very professional and caring, led us through each step of the divorce agreement in a logical and systematic way that made me feel well-guided. you asked the right questions and knew exactly how to proceed from A to Z.   You even had tips for the filing process and for court day, which were very helpful.I appreciated the fact that it took only four sessions total for the agreement to be ready and signed. Your flat fee also seemed quite reasonable and easy to deal with. Appointments were easy to make and you were regularly in touch with us via email. You had notes for us after each session and you had a clear communication policy involving both parties so that no one would feel left out at any point.

I already recommended you to a friend and she did not hesitate to contact you. Your help is precious and I hope you know how grateful we are to have found you. Please continue doing just what you do. THANK YOU."

--Claire, a divorce mediation client, April 2016


"There is no question that divorce is a traumatic life event, even under the best of circumstances. Being able to rely on Amy & Allan's experience and guidance through this process allowed us to create a in-depth, equitable and flexible agreement that maintains a strong mutual respect for one another. I would highly recommend Baron Law to anyone considering mediation. This husband & wife team are professional, caring, comprehensive, and take the long view for creating a new relationship. They helped put process and expectations around a situation filled with anxiety. Sometimes your happily ever after turns out to be different than what you imagined but being able to turn to professionals like Amy & Allan to help find the best solution for all parties involved was absolutely invaluable."

--Courtney, a divorce mediation client, April 2016


“Amy Beth Baron was extremely helpful throughout our divorce mediation process - everything from accommodating schedules due to work, to explaining the paperwork, to the general divorce process. She was caring, but highly professional during every meeting and with each correspondence. Divorce is a stressful experience, but she helped to make it easier through her knowledge and experience. Payments for services rendered were made very clear and there were no surprise extra fees or bills at a later date. Rates are extremely fair. I would highly recommend Amy and Baron Law & Mediation."

--Kathleen, a divorce mediation client, March 2016


"I am very thankful for all the help and guidance Allan and Amy provided us during this difficult time. They worked with us by explaining our options, answering all our questions, providing us with all the proper paperwork and walking us through each step of the court process. By doing so we were able to understand what was going on in something we knew nothing about. I would highly recommend Baron Law & Mediation services."

--Ben, a divorce mediation client


 "Excellent Divorce Mediators...

While there are no good divorces, arriving at the end of the process with some degree of mutual respect between the parties, resolving issues so that kids that aren't bouncing around like badminton shuttlecocks, and helping parties keep from spending thousands of dollars on legal/court fees that would otherwise help the participants, is something at which Amy and Allan excel at." 

--Dr. K, a divorce mediation client


"Allan Baron was very helpful during our divorce mediation. He was caring and professional during the entire process. His knowledge of the financial aspects of divorce was very helpful, especially when it came time to discuss and fill out the paperwork and the financial terms of the divorce. Even though divorce is stressful, his knowledge helped to ease some of the stress and concern. Payment for services rendered were made very clear, and there were no extra or surprise fees. He helped explain what was going to happen at each step in the divorce process to both of us, so we both felt that we were included at each step and we knew what was going to happen. Going into our court date, we felt really prepared and everything went quickly and smoothly. I highly recommend Allan and Baron Law & Mediation."

--Kathleen, a divorce mediation client, March 2016


"The Barons are an amazing team! They have a true gift for mediation, they navigated my ex-husband and I through a sticky divorce agreement that both side walked away feeling good about. We spent a fraction of the cost and time then by going through the traditional methods and were able to work through issues a lot better than each being represented by our own attorney. The special combination of this husband and wife team truly work so that all sides feel represented. I highly recommend their services."

--Donna, a divorce mediation client


"Amy Beth and her Lawyer/husband were the best attorneys I have ever known. Clearly competent and skilled, yet compassionate as they worked on aspects of my divorce. They communicated with me in a matter I could understand. I did not feel rushed into making a decision. I will use them again."

--Stephen, a divorce client


"Working with Amy & Alan was wonderful, in what can be a very hard process. They were both informative, up front, and honest. We were so prepared for filing, that we were able to get in front of a judge the DAY we filed at the courthouse - and that is ONLY because of the guidance Amy & Alan gave us. I felt 100% in capable, competent hands."

--Kim, a divorce mediation client


"Amy Beth & Allan are knowledgeable, flexible and are a personable team of attorneys. My divorce was at times confusing & frustrating due to underhanded & non-responsive tactics from my ex-wife’s attorney; they helped me understand what was reasonable and realistic (& most importantly what was legal) and they responded to these tactics with professionalism and integrity. Amy Beth’s compassion & sensibility coupled with Allan’s financial planning knowledge was an effective combination in coming to a final agreement that will work for both me & my ex-wife now & in the future. I highly recommend them."

--John, a divorce client


"Alan and his wife/legal partner, Amy, provided me with the confidence to proceed with my divorce. He is the most competent and compassionate lawyer I have ever met. His knowledge of the legal system and the topic of divorce is excellent. I understood everything he said and answered my questions willingly. I will use him again."

--Stephen, a divorce client.


"Attorney Amy Beth Baron assisted from beginning to end with a recent mediation process. Having come from a nursing background, I found Attorney Amy Beth Baron to be an extremely compassionate, understanding and trustworthy attorney, which is difficult to find in many other attorneys. Her common sense and calming presence will serve to be of benefit to all her clients. I would highly recommend Attorney Baron."

--Kelly, a divorce mediation client


 "Allan Baron is the most competent and compassionate lawyer I have ever met. His knowledge of the legal system and the topic of divorce is excellent. I understood everything he said and answered my questions willingly. I will use him again."

--divorce mediation client



We had our court hearing yesterday and the divorce is final. Such an interesting mix of powerful emotions.
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your gifts of clear, direct honesty, sweet support, skillful managing, and breadth of knowledge during our time together. You are an amazing team!
It was because of these offerings that the full focus of my energy was not needed for the details of the proceedings (with everything in place, our short time in court went very smoothly). I was able to notice the emotions which arose and process them in a direct, healing way.
I will always hold your caring very dearly.
I wish you both much happiness along your way...............with many, many thanks............."
--Donna, a divorce mediation client
"Allan provided us with terrific products and a great education. He also gave us information we needed regarding estate planning. We truly feel prepared for the future by having received Allan's legal help."

--divorce mediation client  


"Allan met with me and my soon to be ex to work on mediation. Amy helped with finishing up on the paper work. They're both great to work with."

--divorce mediation client


"Baron Law and Mediation efficiently and effectively lead us through the mediation process. When beginning the process there was a great deal of nervousness and apprehension, but their style and professionalism allowed us to complete the process with all the necessary documentation for a divorce filing in a very short time period, and with no surprises. They were very responsive to an accelerated time line, and they made a stressful process, a great deal easier. "

--divorce mediation client


"I found Amy Baron to be an extremely professional, caring & compassionate. I've worked with several attorneys in the past and the right attorney can make all the difference. I am grateful to have found her."

--Bill, a divorce client


"Things went as smoothly as possible and I am told our experience is not common. Thanks for making an otherwise emotional and intimidating process as low key as possible. "

--divorce mediation client