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Allan and Amy made a difficult process easier than I thought possible. Kevin and I liked how knowledgeable and professional they both were but also personable. Their sense of humor made the meetings more comfortable. Never did I feel like they were taking a side and I always felt like they were making sure we understood our options. We are dog people so on the final meeting when we were actually signing the divorce agreement, they had brought their dog Mason and he definitely helped us in a tough day.
The day in court is nerve wracking because you don’t know what is going to happen, how long you’re going to be there and plus this is ending your marriage. Well Allan provides you with a little itinerary for your day. I looked back at it a few times throughout that morning to make sure we weren’t missing anything.
The absolute selling point of Amy and Allan is how prepared they send you to court. The cranky clerk who was the third person to look over our divorce agreement that morning said “I’m just looking for mistakes to fix before the judge sees it. There’s always mistakes….” Then a few minutes later she said well I didn’t find any but I know he will! Well guess what, there were no mistakes!! Our documents were perfect, while I saw the clerk telling others they needed to write in some things here, sign there etc.
I realize my review is long but I can’t thank them enough for making the divorce easier. Go for the free consult and you will hire them, I promise!

ur goal at Baron Law & Mediation is to provide the best advice and most amicable resolution through exceptional and personal service. Our reputation is based on dedication, honesty and professionalism. Here’s what our client have to say about their experience working with us.

 3 weeks ago
I would recommend Baron Law and Mediation to anyone seeking a fair and balanced resolution to dissolving a marriage. If your goal is to be reasonable with your soon to be Ex without the back and forth between Attorneys, it’s a great choice. You are able to resolve your issues while getting all the information that a Lawyer can supply regarding the court process and typical expectations of the legal system with unbiased facts. They were a very beneficial and successful alternative to the typical process!

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    What Our Clients Say about Us

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    Allan L. Baron is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), certified by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.CDFAs work with you to identify and explain what financial decisions need to be considered, and to help you clearly understand your options.Certified Divorce Financial Analysts work with you privately, or together with your professional team.

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