Child Custody

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Child custody can always be a difficult issue to resolve during a divorce as both parents would usually love to have significant time with their children. In Massachusetts, part of child custody is also known as co-parenting plan.

A co-parenting plan is a child physical custody plan that is coordinated betwen parents and includes the following:

  • Each parents’ responsibilities
  • Where the children will live
  • How much time each parent is given to spend with the children including days and approximate times
  • Children activities
  • Hoilday Schedule


Why Choose Divorce Mediation in Settling the Issue of Child Custody?

Divorce mediation provides an open and comfortable environment for couples to engage in discussions with a shared goal of the best living arrangements for the children after the divorce. All the decisions made about the future of the children will be decided by the parents, subject to approval by the court. With the assistance of mediators, both parent can come to an agreement regarding possible parenting plans and schedules that are likely to be approved by the court.

Child custody mediation offers an excellent alternative to court hearings. Court hearings often require costly appointments of guardians for the children and the hefty fees paid to hire lawyers for your case. This often results in stress for the family. So, by choosing mediation, you maysave time,  money, take control of the issues and keep the family unit civil. The common goal is a win-win situation.

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