AdobeStock_110085936.jpegCertified Divorce Financial Analysts

Make informed decisions on the financial issues of your divorce.

Baron Law helps you make educated financial decisions about your divorce that will impact you and your children for years to come. By consulting a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, you will put yourself in position to understand and negotiate your divorce agreement.

Baron Law & Mediation is able to competently assist you with the following divorce financial services:

  • Gathering the necessary divorce financial documents
  • Preparation of a “needs budget” to determine your financial needs both now and in the future
  • Preparation of reports and graphs to show you possible scenarios to dividing assets and liabilities along with the associated consequences
  • Projection of future income needs and how this will effect your ability to keep your assets in place
  • Provide you the information necessary to make informed decisions about the martial home

Divorce financial discussions and divorce financial planning topics include:

  • Income earned by both parties now and in the future

  • Employee benefits:  health, dental, vision, FSA, stock options, restricted stock and cash benefits and non qualified compensation plans, etc.
  • Real Estate (residential and rental income)
  • Non-retirement: cash, savings, stocks, bonds, investments
  • Retirement assets:  IRA, 401K, pensions, etc.
  • Life Insurance / Annuities
  • Closely held business valuations
  • Personal property and assets now and likely to be inherited
  • Memberships
  • Season-tickets to events
  • Timeshares
  • Vehicles
  • Collectibles
  • College expenses
  • Medical and life event expenses


Allan L. Baron is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), certified by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.CDFAs work with you to identify and explain what financial decisions need to be considered, and to help you clearly understand your options.Certified Divorce Financial Analysts work with you privately, or together with your professional team. 

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