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July 20, 2016 Allan Baron

Six Signs It's Time to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Massachusetts

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If you are facing a separation or divorce in MA and any of the following events occur, it may be time to hire, or at least consult with, a divorce attorney.1. You are not able to communicate with your spouse about how to end your marriage fairly.

There are options when discussing how to move forward with a divorce. Today many couples choose mediation or collaborative process rather than divorce representation. If you have a spouse that won't communicate, then you have no option but to go with representation.

2. You notice that the bills are not being paid, there are unknown credit card charges, or bank account balances are not correct.

Any of the above unusual financial events is a signal to you to seek immediate advice from a divorce attorney. In some cases a spouse may be transitioning, transferring  assets or borrowing against joint credit cards/lines to better their position prior to filing for divorce or may have been advised to set up an account separate and apart from your control. In either event it may be necessary for you to file and request a financial restraining order. 

3. Your spouse is refusing to support you and/or the children.

If it is the norm in your home for you and your children  to be supported by your spouse and he/she stops doing so without your permission or notice, you need to move froward quickly by filing for divorce or at least contacting an attorney to keep the money flowing.

4. You receive a notice from your medical or dental provider that your health coverage is not in place.

One spouse should not unilaterally remove the other from an insurance policy, bank account or retirement account before initiating divorce but they sometimes do. If you anticipate this, or this has already occured, you may need to file to get court protection or if already changed a motion for temporary orders may need to be filed.

5. Your spouse moved out or has asked you to move out of the marital home.

If the situation has come to this, it is not recommended that unless there are safety issues,  do not leave the marital home without an agreement as to what this means, how expenses of another residence are going to be paid and how both parents will support each other and see the children, if any. The court prefers the couple to be in two different locations to keep the peace but  it might be a challenge to get back in the home after leaving.

6. Your spouse has made an offer of settlement to you.

It is common for one spouse to have planned the end of a marriage without telling the other. If a plan or agreement is sprung on you, the shock alone would put you in a vulnerable position. Let someone who sees a lot of settlements review it with you to at least make sure it is inclusive and does not put you in an unfair position. 

Divorce and  separation is known to be one of the tops stressors that people may experience in their lifetime. Going through a divorce can cause you to question each and every decision because after all, the decisions you make now will have long lasting effects. Let Baron help you and your family during this difficult time. 

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