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April 15, 2020 Allan and Amy Beth Baron

During Covid-19: Set up a Will, Health Care Proxy & Power of Attorney

Divorce Mediation, Estate Planning, Wills, Health Care Proxy

You don't have to wait to move forward in setting up your Will, Health Care Proxy or Power of Attorney during this Coronavirus Pandemic.  

Many people put off having their Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney and even their Health Care Proxy documents created. 

Why you ask?   Well, the reasons could be vast, but largely it comes down to: Let's Talk: 978-674-8530

Maybe its because it is a tough topic with many emotions attached

Maybe its because they just don't get around to it or

Maybe its because they just don't know how important these documents may be to you and your family. 

Whatever the reason for delay, the time to act is now!

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