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January 19, 2016 Allan and Amy Beth Baron

Is Divorce Mediation the Best Option for You?

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AdobeStock_106142675.jpegIf you are considering divorce in MA you have options. Divorce mediation is thought to be the most healthy, civilized and cost effective way to divorce. 

Ask yourself these questions to figure out if divorce mediation in Massachusetts is right for you. 


1.) Do you think you would be able to express your goals, interests and concerns, without holding back on what you think is important?

It is essential for each party to be able to express what is important to them, during mediation is the time to say what your position on a particular issue is and why you have that position.

2.) Would you be able to listen to the goals, interests and concerns of your spouse with an open mind?

During mediation sessions, each party has an opportunity to talk and it is very important that during this time, the other party really listens to what is being said and why it is being said.  That is part of figuring out how things will unfold and do so in a way that works for all involved.

3.) Do you trust your spouse to disclose all relevant financial information?

A level of trust is essential to have as it relates to disclosing all assets and liabilities whether jointly or solely held.  Everything must be put on the table to allow for full discussion and result in an agreement that each party believes is fair.

4.) Are you interested in reaching a fair agreement, one that will work for each party now and well into the future?

For a mediation to be successful, parties need to come in wanting an agreement that is fair under the circumstances.  Mediation is not a process for parties who basically want a win-lose situation with a divorce agreement that is clearly lopsided.

5.) Are you willing to discuss various options and possible scenarios as may be necessary in order to reach agreements on all issues?

Some topics require more time and consideration.  In order to reach agreements on all the issues, there will be times when various options need to be considered in order to figure out the scenario that will work out best for each party involved. 

If you are able to answer these 5 questions with a yes and are open to getting the truth about massachusetts divorce mediation from a team that is dedicated to its use and effectiveness, schedule a no cost initial couples meeting.

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