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September 01, 2021 Allan Baron

How to Choose the Right Divorce Mediator in Massachusetts?

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Tips to Choose the Right Divorce mediator

For successful divorce mediation look for the following qualities in your mediator:

Must Create Discussion-based Resolutions

The reason we have mentioned this point on the top is that it is the most important one.

The mediator begins explaining the relevant laws to both the spouses and then encourages them to make informed decisions. You can ask as many questions as you want before and during the negotiation and an educated mediator will confidently answer all your queries and create a clear image of the process and consequences of your decisions according to the law.

Must be an Expert in the Field

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Experienced mediators act as neutral partners. They keep in mind the interests of both the parties and the whole family. With experts, you feel more protected and they know exactly what they are doing. They also have attorneys through which they can help you with legal documentation and court proceedings.


They must have Flexible Hours and Locations

One of the many benefits of pursuing mediation services is the convenience of time and venue that it provides. On the other hand, when you take your case to court you will have to follow dates that work according to the judge’s decision. There are some mediators too who meet only at their office and at their chosen times. Before signing any contract, make sure to ask if the company offers flexible timings and locations.

Must Be a Specialist Mediator

Going to a general mediator reduces the chances of resolving a case to a significant level. Moreover, even after the specialization details, you need to check if the mediator is experienced in issues similar to yours and if she/he is trained in the particular matter that you are facing. The one having experience in dealing with spousal issues like the ones you are undergoing will be more effective. For instance, if the issue of children is the convoluted part of your divorce, then seeing a mediator who is a social worker, or psychologist, and specializes in children custody disputes is a better option.

If there are multiple issues in the divorce proceedings you can hire an attorney instead of a mediator, as attorneys are well versed and highly experienced in almost all kinds of issues.


Must Be As Compassionate As Professional

hand shakesA good divorce mediator is concerned about everything   related to you and your family. They do not just focus on   resolving cases and going home with the amount they   are getting as a result. Instead they stay very much   connected to you on a personal level. They listen to you   and try to comfort you as such as efficiently as possible   while maintaining ethical, and professional values, and   following Massachusetts mediation rules.

Intermediaries are un biased and deal with matters for both divorcing parties on fairgrounds.

Intermediaries are un biased and deal with matters for both divorcing parties on fairgrounds.

Final Words

In addition to all the qualities mentioned above, a mediator must also be affordable. People hire mediators majorly to save the cost of litigation. While you are choosing one for you compare their prices based on other qualities and then decide. If you are stuck in your divorce proceedings you can contact Baron Law & Mediation, LLP for better guidance and easy process. We would like to help resolve the issues you are facing in the most conducive manner.