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June 28, 2018 Allan and Amy Beth Baron

Guardianship Mediation in Massachusetts

AdobeStock_64491285.jpegIf you are a guardian or part of a guardianship proceeding, consider mediation as a way to resolve disputes and come to agreements before entering the litigation system in the Probate Court.

 Mediation is:

1. Civilized and healthy.

It's amazing how adding a mediator (trained professional neutral) to the room will enable you to have a conversation again with the other people involved in the guardianship.

2. A process that will educate you and put you in control.

Let an experienced mediator make the complicated issues of a guardianship much more simple. We will help you to understand the issues in order to allow smart decisions to be made.

3. A process in which the mediator will help you generate smart options to make vital decisions.

It is clearer and easier to make decisions because you and the mediator will generate options for resolution of issues.

4. A way to help you grasp the guardianship topics that may need to be addressed within an agreement to present to the Probate Court. 

We will educate you as to issues of child guardianships and adult guardianships, how to work through a structure that the Probate Court will review and approve.

5. As Mediators who are also experienced Family Law Attorneys, we are licensed and capable of preparing all the required documentation that you will need to enter into the court.  



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