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June 28, 2018 Allan and Amy Beth Baron

Adding a mediator-nurse-attorney to the Housing and Legal discussion of Aging Relatives in Massachusetts

Categories: Elder Law

AdobeStock_64491285.jpegIf you are an adult child of an Aging Parent or a Parent who is being urged by an adult child to transition out of the home, and you are not able to have a fair and calm conversation, consider mediation as a way to discuss the issue, generate and evaluate options and make well thought out decisions with an attorney/mediator/nurse. 

 Mediation is:

1. A civilized and healthy way of resolving tough matters.

It's amazing how adding a mediator (trained professional neutral) to the room will enable you to have a conversation again with the other people involved in the discussion.

2. A process that will educate you and put you in control.

Let an experienced mediator make the complicated issues of elder law, transitioning out of a home and making smart financial decisions understandable. We will help you to understand legal, financial and emotional  issues in order to allow smart decisions to be made.

3. A process in which the mediator will help you generate smart options to make vital decisions.

Through mediation, it is clearer and easier to make decisions because you and the mediator will generate options for resolution of issues, and examine them as it relates to your specific situation. 

4. As Mediators who are also experienced  Attorneys, we are licensed and capable of preparing all the required documentation that you will need including but not limited to:

a. wills

b. trusts

c. powers of attorney

d. health care proxy 

e. review of assisted living leases and agreements

f. health care plans



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