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October 15, 2020 Allan and Amy Beth Baron

During Covid-19 Getting Divorced with Divorce Mediation not Litigation

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You don't have to wait to move forward in getting divorced using divorce mediation as opposed to litigation during this Coronavirus Pandemic.  

Many people are wondering if they have to put off their divorce due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.   

Why do some people think this you ask?   Well, the reasons could be vast, but largely it comes down to the following:

Maybe its because they don't know that divorce mediation can be done virtually or in person in a safe setting with masks while also using social distancing.

Maybe its because it is a tough topic with many emotions attached and they fear taking on such a life stressor during an otherwise already stressful time in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Maybe its because they fear the costs involved during a time when people are furloughed from work, have been laid off, have lost their jobs or need to be home tending to their children's care and education needs instead of being at work. 

Whatever the reason for delay, there is no reason to put it off, you can divorce now and begin your life's next chapter!

Adhering to necessary social distancing during this time remains crucial, therefore rather than meeting in person to mediate, we are offering those who feel more comfortable the option of mediating virtually.  

We are able to have productive discussions during both in person and virtually. 

We email you documents for your education about the divorce topics that need to be discussed. 

We email you notes from the mediation session so you'll be able to see in writing what's been discussed, options that have been generated, all the topics to be discussed, a detailed agenda so you're fully prepared for each mediation among other things. 

Presently, the courts are limiting the people in courthouses.  The courts are conducting telephonic hearings.  These telephonic hearings are often for uncontested divorces, such as those that have been mediated.  The courts are seeing people in person for emergent issues only.   The Courts are behind in getting to cases due to the Coronavirus, however mediated divorces who have their court hearings held virtually are accomplished much quicker.  

Mediation works best for a couple that want to divorce in an amicable way.  This is the couple who wants a fair agreement and they are willing to sit and have a conversation about what is important to them and why, listen to one another and talk about options would work best for each of them and their children going forward into the future.  

Mediation is voluntary and that's likely why it works so well. You're coming to the table because you want to end up with a fair divorce agreement, you don't want to spend an arm and a leg (that you likely would spend if you litigate in court) and you want the process completed sooner rather than later (divorce mediation can be completed in weeks to months) as opposed to (divorcing through representation by a lawyer or litigating in the court system) which typically takes a year or longer and often ends up with the same results they would have had if they used the divorce mediation process.  


Very Important to consider: it may be a long time before we have this Pandemic under control, remember you don't have to continue to stay in a marriage you no longer want to be in.  

Contact us at 978 674-8530 to help you with your divorce.  Let us know whether you'd like to mediate in person or virtually.  We work at a pace that works for you.  No rush, No delay.  Its your mediation and will ultimately result in your divorce agreement. 

We offer flexible scheduling. Weekend and evening appointments are available upon request. If you are in need of experienced Divorce Attorney and Mediator, we are here for you.  It is our goal to take care of you as a couple collectively, ensuring your Divorce Agreement is thorough, well thought through and will make sense for you, your spouse and your children now and well into the future.  


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