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July 29, 2016 Allan Baron

How a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Can Help You Get Through Financial Issues

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Unfortunately, divorce and financial issues often go hand and hand. Learn about the big five financial issue and ways a qualified divorce mediator will help you see options to make smart decisions for your financial future.


1. Marital Home 

The marital home is the number one topic of most mediations. The mediator will help you see what your options are. For example:

  • The house can be sold now and the profit split at an agreed percentage
  • One parent may stay in the home with the children and take over the normal expenses of the home until a date certain in the future and then sold and the profit split at an agreed percentage.
  • One party may buy out the other now.
  • Variations of the above taking into account mortgage payoffs, refinances and tax deductions.

2. Child Support

In Massachusetts, child support is generally computed based on the child support guidelines then used by the court. Although the calculation is straight forward, the information put into the calculation is many time a variable or open to interpretation. Also, the amount is open to deviations that need to be approved by the court. Other questions about child support concern the appropriate amount for shared custody and for how long it should be paid. Few parents are equipped with the information to see how this may work without help. A mediator will  show you options for your consideration based on your custody and financial situation. 

3. Alimony

The new Massachusetts alimony revisions have presented as many questions as answers in helping a couple decide if alimony is appropriate, how much it might be and for how long it is to be paid, Your mediator will provide you with information, educate you on the topic, help you generate options based on a "court look" and a "needs based look". You then have the option if you desire to present these to any outside professional for their expert advice to you.

4. Retirement Accounts

Normally, one or both parties have worked hard to set aside retirement accounts for the retirement of the couple. Now that the retirement will not be spent together a mediator will work with the couple to educate them on the topic, discuss how a court may look at the situation, ask the couple how they see the accounts being kept, split or assigned and show them how to have their agreement implemented in a proper method.

5. Health Insurance

Health insurance costs are among the highest monthly expenses paid by couples, especially those whose premiums are not subsidized by their employer. A mediator will help you find out what policies are available after divorce to the children and the former spouse and under what conditions the policy may continue after divorce. A mediator will help you estimate the costs of present and future premiums, deductibles and uninsured expenses and how it all might be paid.


Using a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can help lessen the stressors that come with the divorce process. Discover your options so you can make smart decisions for your financial future. 


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