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September 07, 2017 Allan and Amy Beth Baron

Divorce Mediation: Attorney Mediators help you get that agreement approved by the court

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You think you have an agreement for your divorce, but is it complete, forward looking and in a form and containing content a court will approve?


1.) Have you prepared divorce agreements in the past?

2.) What is your knowledge about custody rights and co-parenting plans?

3.) Is your financial statement complete, accurate and in a form the court will accept? (BTW:   everyone must complete and submit one to the court and it is signed under oath)

4.) Do you know about the new child support guidelines as of September, 2017 and is your agreement consistent with it?

5.) Do you know the different classes of assets and the different tax consequences for assigning, trading and selling them?

6. Have you completed a "1 year out budget" to test your agreement to see if you both can meet your expenses?

And the list goes on.........................


A divorce mediator who is an attorney is trained to review, modify and conform your ideas into the court documents necessary for you to go in to your divorce court hearing and get it approved by the Judge.

For a relatively small amount of money, a divorce mediator who is a lawyer can stress test your agreement against checklists, the law and your future.

You owe it to yourself, your spouse, children and to your busy life to get it right the first time! schedule a no cost initial couples meeting.


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