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August 01, 2017 Allan and Amy Beth Baron

Staying out of Probate Court- Divorce Mediation

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Divorce Mediation choices


If the need for a divorce is your new reality and if there was a way to stay out of court, use a method that was fair to you, your spouse and your children as defined by you, why wouldn't you?  



 AND the answers are:

1. I didn't think my spouse would mediate but didn't ask or invite my spouse to consider it.

2. I didn't realize that I could have a difference of opinion, be angry or disappointed  with my spouse and yet still be able to mediate.

3. I thought people only mediate because it is cheaper.

4. I would rather have a lawyer or judge tell me what to do with my children and money than have my spouse and I work with a mediator to make our own decisions.

5. I didn't know that mediation is an open process and I or my spouse could choose to get advice as needed (outside of the mediation sessions) by a consulting attorney, financial professional, etc...

6. I thought once I started with it, I am stuck with it.  I didn't know the process of divorce mediation was optional and voluntary.

7. My parents/siblings/friends got divorced and didn't use mediation (even though they hated the traditional court litigation process and were mentally, physically and financially drained by the experience.)

8. I didn't think the mediator would educate us and be able to give us a "court view" on the topics of divorce.

Don't let any of the above false assumptions keep you from fulling researching divorce mediation.  It has helped many a family get through divorce in a civilized and healthy way.

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