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October 11, 2017 Allan and Amy Beth Baron

Divorce - Short Term Marriage: 5 Benefits of Using a Divorce Mediator | Baron Law & Mediation, LLP

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For those who have a short term marriage- up to 5 years or so what are the benefits of using the assistance of a divorce mediator as opposed to going it alone... People Together-11.jpg

A mediator who is also an attorney is licensed to prepare your divorce paperwork required by the Court.

1. One and done- Unless you have a background in the law or preparing divorce agreements, financial statements and court documents, it will be a challange to know which documents are required, the  content necessary and the associated details which could result in the court not approving your divorce and instead rejecting your agreement or rescheduling your divorce hearing (until documents are properly prepared). 

2. A mediator who has specific knowledge of the financial options as to real estate, after tax assets and retirement assets will help you to avoid unintended consequences of your agreements.

3. The laws on health insurance continuation for divorcing couples can be complicated even for your employer. Mediators who are trained in this topic will help you understand the insurance laws as it relates to divorces.

4. Children- If there are children involved, there is a whole list of decisions necessary including making sure a co-parenting plan is in place for you children, that the children are and will be financially supported and provided insurance.  These matters and other associated child related needs and expenses need to be incorporated into your agreement.  Note: There are new child support guidelines were put in place September 15th, 2017.

5. Will your agreement be considered fair and equitable by the court? A mediator should know the parameters of what a court will likely accept as agreements by divorcing parties. Ask the mediator when the last time they were in court to make sure they are up on new or changes to existing Massachusetts laws and statutes related to divorce, including the new 2017 child support guidelines. 

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If you and your partner have a short term marriage and are looking for a divorce, consider consulting a divorce mediator when filing for divorce. Baron Law & Mediation, LLP of North Andover. We are proud to serve Wilmington, Reading, Lynnfield, Groveland, Georgetown, and other areas in North Shore, Merrimack Valley, and Southern New Hampshire. Our convienient location at North Andover offers free parking for you to save time and money during the process. By hiring our law firm, our unique husband and wife team of divorce mediators will help find the best resolution to your divorce matter. We offer only top-notch, competent, and compassionate advice and services to Massachusetts couples that are considering a divorce. Contact us at 978.674.8530 for your initial consult.



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