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April 08, 2020 Allan and Amy Beth Baron

Divorce Mediation in MA can safely proceed during Coronavirus

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You don't have to wait to move forward on your divorce during this Coronavirus Pandemic.  

Adhering to social distancing during this time remains crucial. In person divorce mediation sessions are now being done virtually and still allows the couple wherever they may be to see the Mediator and the divorcing couple to use one or two computers.

Much can be said about the way facial expressions show our emotions, so have no fear that the Mediator won't be able to detect emotions and feelings. 

Mediating a divorce through virtual divorce mediation sessions is just as effective as having a session in person. 

We already work via email and snail mail to acquire educational materials, financial statements and back up financial documents.

The chief component of mediation is neutrality, which remain intact with virtual divorce mediation sessions taking part with both individuals and the Mediator(s).  Emails are sent to and from both spouses and the Mediator. 

Confidentiality remains intact. 

Mediation is an open process that allows you to seek outside advice by another Professional (financial advisor, accountant, lawyer) if you so choose. 


Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation. We offer flexible scheduling with weekend and evening appointments upon request. Our goal is to come up with a Divorce Agreement that works for you now and well into the future. If you need experienced divorce mediators and attorneys, we are here for you. 


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