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September 22, 2016 Allan Baron

How To Get Your Spouse On Board with Divorce Mediation

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AdobeStock_92645841.jpegHow can you interest your spouse in divorce mediation when you don't communicate well or trust each other? Although it is the most civilized and healthy way to move through your upcoming divorce process, you both need to agree on mediation. Here are six steps to get them on board. 

1.) Mention the idea of divorce mediation.

Tell your spouse that you checked out the options to move through divorce and mediation seems to be a healthy, civilized, cost effective way to proceed.

2.) Have them do the background research just as you did.

Suggest a few sites or blogs that discuss divorce options in MA or key words to search.

3.) Talk about the positives of mediation.

Why not together check out the FAQs on a few sites or download a guide to mediation. Write down all the positive things about moving in this direction.

4.) Talk about any concerns either of you may have.

Discuss and compare the alternatives to mediation. Write down your fears and concerns of using mediation.

 5.) Make a list of the issues you want a mediator to help you with.

Do you have children? Do you have assets and liabilities? Are you interested in knowing your cash flow needs and trying to meet them after divorce? Health insurance? Write all these down so a mediator can give you an general analysis and be able to estimat costs

6.) Contact a mediator for an initial meeting.

Most mediators will give a free initial meeting to answer questions, explain their process and costs. Be fair to them and research their website fully prior to the meeting.



If the two of you are able to get through this 6 step process, it is best to not discuss the agreement in advance. Allow the mediators to do their magic in intorducing the process, helping you gather the necessary information and then discussing the agreement in terms of your common goals, needs and interests.