Are you considering a trial separation in Massachusetts? How can Mediation help you?


People looking to separate on a trial basis often don’t know where to begin, whether an agreement is necessary and if so what should the agreement’s contents include.

The goal many times is to try it on without animosity and in a spirit of fairness.

Unless you have prepared one before or are certain of its contents and form, a little help may be required.

An experienced divorce mediator should be trained to help you with the best contents for your individula situation and how to move forward on an agreed upon timetable and agree to the actions or inactions of the situation.

The basics of divorce mediation should be applied to even a short term trial separation.

1. Civilized and healthy.

It’s amazing how adding a mediator (trained professional neutral) to the room will enable you to have a conversation again.

2. A process that will educate you and put you in control.

Let experienced mediators make the complicated understandable. We will help you to understand the issues in order to allow smart decisions to be made.

3. A process in which the mediator will help you generate smart options to make vital decisions.

It is clearer and easier to make decisions once a few options are generated, however, it will take a highly experienced mediator to help you do the job.

4. A way to help you grasp the 100+ separation/divorce topics that may need to be addressed within your agreement.

We will educate you and discusss topics including child issues, asset and liability issues and cash flow issues (budgeting, child support, alimony) all as is applicable plus any “hot topics” that may require immediate attention.

5.Look for Mediators who are also experienced Family Law Attorneys, who are licensed and capable of preparing all the required documentation that you will need whether you enter it into the court or not.  


The mediator will customize the process to address only your goal to formulate a short term agreement, address concerns of protecting the current way you live and help the family make agreed upon transitions.


To learn more about mediation:

Checklist for Divorce Mediation

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