7 Compelling Reasons You Should Choose Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

AdobeStock_64491285.jpegIf you are facing divorce and desire to move through it in a civilized and healthy manner, Divorce Mediation is a great way to do it.


Divorce mediation is:

1. Civilized and healthy.

It’s amazing how adding a mediator (trained professional neutral) to the room will enable you to have a conversation again.

2. A process that will educate you and put you in control.

Let experienced mediators make the complicated understandable. We will help you to understand the issues in order to allow smart decisions to be made.

3. A process in which the mediator will help you generate smart options to make vital decisions.

It is clearer and easier to make decisions once a few options are generated, however, it will take a highly experienced mediator to help you do the job.

4. A way to help you grasp the 100+ divorce topics that may need to be addressed within your divorce agreement.

We will educate you and discusss topics including child issues, asset and liability issues and cash flow issues (budgeting, child support, alimony) all as is applicable plus any “hot topics” that may require immediate attention.

5. As Mediators who are also experienced Family Law Attorneys, we are licensed and capable of preparing all the required documentation that you will need to enter into the court.  

6. A method of going through divorce that will allow you to not have to duplicate every expense for outside professionals that may otherwise be necessary.

Keep in mind when you litigate, everything your attorney is doing is being done by your spouse’s attorney, which results in double costs for their efforts and expert fees and less left for you when all is said and done.

7. A much quicker process as opposed to divorce representation/litigation.

With divorce mediation, the speed of the overall process is up to you and your ability to gather the information necessary to make smart decisions, generally the entire divorce mediation process is typically a few months whereas litigating your divorce in the court system will likely be one year plus.


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