5 Important Things to Know About Divorce Mediation in 2020





Hi, I’m Amy with Baron Law & Mediation. Today, what I’d like to share with you are five important things that you should know about divorce mediation.

First thing, it’s voluntary and that’s often why it works. The second thing, all mediations are private and are kept confidential. The third thing is timing. If you have all of the three major tracks of divorce, children, assets & liabilities, and child or spousal support, then you can typically estimate that it will take you three  2-hour divorce mediation sessions, and that can be completed within a couple of months if that’s a couple’s desire. Whereas if you’re working with a divorce attorney, and he’s representing you and you’re litigating in the courts, typically that may take as long as a year or possibly longer. The fourth thing has to do with the cost. Now, some mediators charge by the hour, some charge a flat fee, and some work off a retainer. You have to speak to your mediator, and clarify just exactly what their method of billing is, and you have to find out what is included plus, are there any additional fees.

Some mediators charge you additionally for work they complete outside the mediation session, or for the preparation of the court documents that are required. The fifth thing is the mediator. Mediators are neutral. They do not represent either party. Their role is to guide the couple through the mediation process by providing education on divorce topics, so that smart, informed decisions can be made.

The mediator should explain to the couple about Massachusetts Law and how it pertains to their particular situation.They should also be able to assist the couple in generating possible options and understand the pros and cons of each and if your mediator is also an attorney, they are able to prepare all the necessary court documents that you will need in order to get your agreement approved by the judge.

It’s important to note that not all mediators are attorneys and only attorneys have the license that they need to be able to prepare the court documents for you. I hope you found this video informative. For more information, please feel free to visit our website at                                         Check out our reviews

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