Divorce Representation and Litigation Services

Divorce representation (also known as litigation) is the traditional choice in moving forward in a divorce proceeding when alternative dispute resolutions methods (Divorce Mediation) are not reasonable options.

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    In the divorce litigation process, each party chooses and pays for individual legal representation and experts for the purpose of valuing and – if necessary – testifying in court. Experts may be necessary for matters involving asset/liability issues, child custody issues and tax issues.

    Our Process:

    • We meet with our clients to discuss realistic goals given their unique situation.
    • We provide an itemized estimate of costs based upon specific activities necessary to work toward agreed upon goals.
    • We customize a plan of action utilizing cost effective measures whenever possible.
    • We partner with our clients in obtaining all necessary financial, child related information and expert opinions.
    • We prepare all required court documents and attend all court proceedings on our client’s behalf.

    Our Benefits:

    • We are experienced in family law, financial, real estate, insurance, debt and college education matters as well as health care related concerns and child parenting issues (See attorney bios).
    • We work with our clients and for our clients to help ensure them the best possible outcome.
    • Added service while working with us. We are divorce attorneys, but we also have background in divorce financial analysis services and health care.
    • Flexible hours and location.  We maintain close contact with our clients whether by phone, e-mail or in person.
    • Education and resources made available.

    Our Services:

    • We are a divorce team (Husband & Wife) with diverse skill sets.
    • We provide all necessary in court and out of court documentation including but not limited to preparation for court hearings, discovery process, attaining experts, trial preparation and post trial work.
    • We attend all necessary court proceedings.
    • We educate our clients as to the legal process and the rules governing divorce in Massachusetts.

    At Baron Law & Mediation, we are qualified, competent and committed to moving our client’s divorce to finality so they can move forward with their life.

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